Hello everybody, I'm Schazam.
My blog is a mess but generally you'll see tons of tales, cute animals, and comics with the occasional animu thrown in. I cosplay as stern anime women from time to time, so sometimes I throw that on here as well.
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ENTPs are usually very direct and honest. They do not really care about being seen as sensitive or compassionate, so their honesty may be quite brutal sometimes. ENTPs say what they think and do not mince their words – furthermore, they dislike people who try to beat around the bush, especially if they are about to ask the ENTP for a favour. Consequently, ENTPs tend to be respected, but not necessarily liked – many people not only tolerate being lied to, they actually hope for and need to hear a lie in certain situations. The society tends to put feelings, sensitivities and comfort above the unpleasant truth – this is likely to frustrate many ENTPs. By (via entp-problems)

i've just read what you've written about "Erzebet Bathory" and I'm very interested to know more. I was wondering if you could send me links of websites or videos about her and her life.?

This is the ask I answered a while ago on her :D Hopefully this helps out